by yaiquab yisrael

i am now fifty years old, and during the fifty years i have lived, only now am i realizing the psychological characteristics of the kingdom we as israelites live under. and have lived under. I am astonished that i have never really understood or recognized before now these profound characteristics that so greatly have vexed me and my fellow israelites for all these times. As i look back at my work history and my life in general, i am astounded at the lack of mental,spiritual,physical peace i have had while living in the white mans kingdom, brought on by the fact that i didnt know  the bible or who i was in the site of the almighty, and the nation of my home was not hardly about to tell me who i was because it would have condemned them and because they hate me and my kind that fellow israelites (twelve tribes) . 

Surely this mindset could have only been brought our people without noticing it right away because this way of life became indemic to us from our youth.  In other words THE WHITE MANS KINGDOM IS NOTHING BUT STRUGGLE,STRESS AND STRIFE has been nothing but struggle,stress, and strife for me as an israelite man living in the edomites white man kingdom, And to hear hebrew israelite voices coming from those "leaders" of ours who still count themselves as "african americans"'verifies that this is true for my nation as well. The retoric that comes from our "leaders" is a vexation in itself, as they continue to try and "integrate" hebrew israelites and  remain ignorant of the word of god concerning the nations we live amongst and there true feelings toward us, as they continue to beg for crumbs to fall from the edomite white man's fiscal economic table.

Before i went to work almost everyday without fail, i would get the greatest feeling of anxiety in my gut. Now i understand why, it was because i knew i was beginning my day in the belly of the beast, the edomites,the white man beast kingdom, the kingdom of competition,immoral men,greedy,heartless,cheating,evil godless men. They would  start the work day drinking coffee and talking about what they did over the weekend or the vacation they just came off of or how they donked their wife,engaging in all sorts of conversation totally void of praising the most high, while you would be standing there listening to all this as an israelite hopiing that they wouldnt find a reason to fire you that day. It was like i was living in a different world then they were in EVERYDAY. I cant even imagine the mindset of our hebrew sisters who had to deal with edomite white women in thier place of work. The bible says in

gen  27 39 "and isaac his father answered and said unto him,Behold thy dwelling shall be the fatness of the earth,and of the dew of heaven from above."

the bible says that when esau would come into his blessing of abundance, it does not include "peace" as part of that blessing, only abundance. Peace has never been apart of edomite rulership of the earth as history relates from alexander the greek until now. This is so because the bible says that even though he was promised "the fatness of the earth, and the dew of heaven" it would be by "the sword" meaning bloodshed and war.

gen 27 40 "and by thy sword shalt thou live"

the edomites would acquire thier blessing by the sword by conquest ,bloodshed, and war. their mentality would require them to have marked indifference to their brethren along with an arrogance keenly noted by  the israelite nation. To this day they do not understand that while the most high promised them abundance , he did not promise them the thing that they most desire in their kingdom and that is PEACE   peace is only promised to the twelve tribes of israel in the eternal kingdom along with abundance and dominion. This is the dilemma that the white man lives under to this day. This is the dilemma that we as israelites have lived under to this day,for the last thousands of years! while we have been in captivity,we have had to suffer assault on our dignity,our minds and our bodies at the hands of the edomites. In other words we as israelites have not been able to live as living should be for us. We as hebrew israelites have lived as "tributaries" to our enemies for these last thousands of years. when we pay for things that are our own by right. then we are really being "tributaries" as lamentations 5 states. For us as hebrew israelites this is not living. THIS IS NOT LIVING! we have only been brainwashed to believe  that this is the best that living can be,because we are constantly being bombarded by the media telling us that america is the best place to live. 

Struggle,stress and strife is not living. STRUGGLE ,STRESS AND STRIFE  IS NOT LIVING!!!  even if you ask the edomites  (the white man) he will tell you that this is true.  When we as hebrew israelites live in a world and in a system where the vast majority of us must live on a subsistence level existence this is not living, especially when we realize that we as hebrew israelites are subject to every whim of the edomite white man who the bible calls "our enemy". most israelites do not understand this. Most israelites have become accustomed to subsistence level living. Israelites do not know what living is. Living for us as hebrew israelites is not having to wake up wondering how you are going to make rent,or the mortgage,or pay medical bills, or buy food, or find work, or be shot by police, or having your home foreclosed on, or going to prison,or paying  unjust taxes ,fines,and fees,or being sent off to unjust wars or unemployment or disease,or eating unclean genetically modified food. THIS IS NOT LIVING FOR HEBREW ISRAELITES!!!!

Esaus kingdom is struggle stress and strife Even edomites themselves from certain southern states at this very present time are trying to secede from the united states, so if life is becoming unbearable for the white man in his own kingdom, THEN IMAGINE WHAT LIFE IS LIKE FOR HEBREW ISRAELITES!!!  In esaus kingdom very few people control the vast majority of the people. Their morals are corrupt, their desire is money, people are commodities, property is hoarded. banks steal money,the most high is hated, his laws are neglected,homosexuals have rights,women rule over men, fraud is a way of life in the white mans system, this is not living for hebrew israelites, THIS IS NOT LIVING FOR HEBREW ISRAELITES!!!